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 Requirments ((Should Be Followed Strictly))

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Head Administrators

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PostSubject: Requirments ((Should Be Followed Strictly))   Mon Apr 13, 2015 8:10 pm


+You need to be part of Los Santos Police Department

+Sergeant Rank (R3)

+Knows how to RP(Lightly Medium - HARD)

+More In Character Talk than Out Of Character

+Must not Known as Rule Breaker(We Don't Tolerate Rule Breakers, you will be Demoted/Kicked/Blacklisted)

+Must Be Living in Los Santos for at Least 8 Years (Level 8 )

+Knows How to Respect Higher or Lower Ranks

+Must not be Corrupt, We Don't Tolerate any Crimes(If we found out, you will be arrested)

+Must Speak in English Fluently than Filipino(if your captive doesn't understand, use Filipino Language)

+Resignation Letter and Approval of your Refferal

Apply Here: http://evolution-roleplay.board-directory.net/f12-federal-bureau-of-investigation

NOTE: In Character Information Must be Based on your Character Upon Applying.....
        When it's Accepted, Get Ready for your Interview with the Assistant Directors/Directors
        You will be evaluated on In Character Talks, and Refrain from OOC Talks..
        If you Didn't meet these Requirements, your application will be AUTO DENIED.
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Requirments ((Should Be Followed Strictly))
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