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 FBI Official HandBook

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PostSubject: FBI Official HandBook   Wed Apr 15, 2015 11:37 am

Table of Contents

•Section 1: Mission Statement
•Section 2: Ranks and Duties
•Section 3: Working Undercover
•Section 4: Vehicle Guidelines
•Section 5: Miscellaneous
•Section 6: FBI Divisions Guidelines

Section1: Mission Statement

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a collection of the best trained and skilled members in Law Enforcement. Being a part of the organization all members are expected to uphold the highest level of Professionalism as well as enforce all laws of the city at all times. It is our mission to investigate and punishes those who violate the laws of this city and put the citizens of Los Santos in danger. By accepting an offer into the FBI you are accepting these goals and exhibit the utmost respect to all citizens of this city; good or bad. It should be every goal of all members to be role models in the city and try their best to uphold the elite image the FBI has.

Section 2: Ranks and Duties

The break down of ranks in the FBI is as follows it is also the Chain of Command the FBI uses. If the FBI's attention is requested on the radio or for any other situation the highest available rank handles it then on down.

The Ranks go in the following order:
•Assistant Director
•Special Agent in Charge
•Special Agent

The duties and expectations of each of the above ranks are as follows:

Director ((R6))
Oversees all duties of the FBI on a daily basis. He attends the inter-department meetings between the various Law Enforcement factions and Government. When he is not managing and over seeing the Bureau he will try and find time to investigate and execute the law of Los Santos. The Director is not just a role model for Law Enforcement but for all of Los Santos.

Assistant Director ((R5))
The Chief of Staff is there to help manage the Bureau along side the Director. He helps manage the case file system and train and hire new members among various other duties. When the Director is not in charge the Chief of Staff is. He is expected to be a role model not only for the Bureau but for all Law Enforcement as well.

Special Agent in Charge ((R4))
Special Agents in Charge are there to help do some of the smaller tasks that the Director or Chief of staff are unable to get to. They are there to help critique and approve case files as well as train new members when asked too. If there is a situation in the city that needs leadership these guys are expected to step forward and lead.

Special Agent ((R3))
Special Agent's task is to guide their Juniors, leading in situations when Special Agent In Charge is not on town.

Agent ((R2))
Agent's will be given some task by the Seniors, and they have no choice but have to complete the task whether they wanted it or not.

Intern ((R1))
At his rank, its signifies that the Staff is already qualified to join the Bureau, it means they are ready to start their life as a FBI Agent.

Staff ((R0))
A staff member is brand new to the FBI and is beginning to learn what the FBI is really about. They should seek all advice and knowledge from their superiors so they can strive to become the best of the best. They are expected to work undercover a large majority of their time but are not restricted from going on duty and patrolling the streets.

Section 3: Working Undercover
Working undercover is one of the best ways for the FBI to investigate high priority criminals. Fortunately here at the FBI we have the means of creating alternate identities and the makeup and costumes to hide our true identities. Going undercover like this is a powerful tool and there are different things you should consider. You get your temporary identity from the FBI Lockers, you should get whatever weapons you need and head out. Once outside; leave the FBI HQ immediately, don't sit around and wait for something to happen some citizens may be outside and may get suspicious if they see you walk out of the FBI HQ. Once you are away from the HQ; don't drive around in a car registered to you. I typically walk to the closest 24/7 by Unity station and use an unmarked vehicle so no one can trace it back to you.

Once you are Undercover there are some things you should take into consideration. Some may seem obvious but they need to be stated. Some guidelines when working undercover are:
•Do not interfere with any other Legal Faction too much where they need to chase you down and taze or arrest you. If you have done something illegal and get caught by one of them you will surrender and face the consequences
•Avoid selling anything illegal to criminals. It will make you look corrupt and should be avoided at absolutely all costs.
•Don't ever use department radio unless your life is in danger. If you are in danger call for help on our radio if anyone is available. Make them call on department radio if necessary.
•Don't fire your weapons on citizens unless absolutely necessary.
•Don't break any City Law unless absolutely required for the sake of the investigation
•((IF YOU CRASH DO NOT LOG BACK ON RIGHT AWAY; You will relog as your true name. If you crash that's your own fault and wait at least 15-20 minutes before you relog. This is especially important if you crashed around other people or other people who are under cover. If you relog and appear in someone elses UC work and blow it; you will be punished ))
•((If you are UC and are lagging too bad where you need to relog; try and walk to a place where no one is around and relog; cover your tracks and get back UC and return if you can. Do not relog right in front of anyone because of lag ))
•((Just because you are UC doesn't mean you avoid any server rules ))

Along with guidelines while working Undercover there are some things you should keep in mind if fellow staff members are Undercover. They are as follows:
•Don't bother those who are under cover on radio. Especially if you call for them and they don't respond they are probably busy and don't want to use their radio.
•Never call them over our radio by their UC name. People might be close and hear you call them. Try and use their legit name if you know who it is. Again only call them if it is absolutely necessary.
•Never ever tell anyone outside of the FBI the identity of someone if they are UC, not even Cops or Government. If it is proven that you gave up a fellow agents UC identity on purpose. You can be fired.
•Sometimes other departments will ask us if their UC name is part of the FBI. The Undercover needs to respond on our radio first if he wants his identity kept a secret or revealed. It depends on the circumstances. There are some instances where the LSPD doesn't need to discover their true identity or if they are part of the FBI.
•If someone is Undercover they might be working. Don't go running up to them and say "Hi". Just steer clear of them. If they need your attention they will call you on their radio.

These are guidelines that may seem obvious but need to be stated. Just use your head out there when dealing with Undercover members.

Section 4: Vehicles Guidelines

FBI Rancher

Also known as a support van, can be used as a patrol vehicle. It carries various amount of tools for the Agents to use.

FBI Cheetah

Used for a high speed pursuit on the town, standby car for any in case of any evade on arresting a suspect.

FBI Burrito

A van usually used on a SWAT Situation, various amount of high tech devices and toolkit.

Section 5: Miscellaneous

This handbook isn't fully in depth about other various topics because they are already covered in the LSPD handbook. If you are not familiar with the LSPD handbook already you need to read it immediately as it contains various amounts of information that are valuable for every FBI member.

Other miscellaneous topics to be included are the use of our Department radio. It is to be used only for serious matters and not casual conversation. Only Agents ((R2)) and above should use it but since the FBI is some of the most elite Law Enforcement officials in the city ranks below that are allowed to use it in the case that no superiors are at the office and they need assistance. ((A new rule has been established that if anyone flames over /d they will be fined a sum of their money and be punished ))

Section 6: Divisions Guidelines

Criminal Investigative Division
Leader: Rad Spivey
Required Rank: Staff and above
Information: Everyone will start in the CID When they've entered the Bureau. They will be needed to do Casefiles on criminals around Los Santos.

Critical Incident Response Division
Leader: Rad Spivey
Required Rank: Special Agent and above
Information: This Division basicly do is patrol around the city and catch highly dangerous criminals. Chasing Most Wanted, responding back up response given by LEO Factions.

Counter-Terrorism Division
Leader: None
Required Rank: Agent and above
Information: Agents chose to be in this Division will be trained by the leaders on negotiating, vehicle and weapons handling. They'll be involved in situation like kidnapping, bank robbery and etc. .
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FBI Official HandBook
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