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 [Required Reading] Senate HandBook

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PostSubject: [Required Reading] Senate HandBook   Wed Apr 15, 2015 11:35 am


This is the Official Handbook used by the Los Santos Government and contains information that is aimed towards our staff as a guide for common practice and code of conduct, and also as a reference for applicants and the public who wish to have knowledge about us.

Senator Basic Information

Senator (on-duty) must always wear unharmed vest and carry a handgun. Heavy guns (such as M4, shotgun, rifle) are only used in situations where security is important, like tax refunds or big convoys. Badge, uniform and armory are accessible from the locker room. (( command for that is /senate ))

Most important thing to know is that Senate is not a LEO faction. Senators must NOT go help LSPD / FBI / SANG in bank robberies or chasing most wanted suspects, unless they (LSPD / FBI / SANG) ask for it.

Chairmen's, minister's and minister of specialty's main duties are to protect governor in different situations.

Radio Codes

As in some situations radio codes are usefull, it is recommended that senator knows what they mean.

10-1: All units regroup / Meet at -location-
10-3: Stop transmitting / Clear the radio
10-4: Roger that / Received and understood
10-5: Please repeat
10-6: Disregard
10-7: Standby
10-8: Busy
10-9: Repeat message
10-10: Negative
10-14: Requesting a pickup at -location-
10-18: Report information needed
10-20: Location / Position
10-21: Report your status
10-22: Report in person – location (Go there / Come here)
10-27: Switching radio channel
10-40: Lots of people in the area
10-41: Possible illegal activity
10-55: Traffic stop
10-56: Computer check
10-57v(ictor): Vehicle persuit
10-57f(oxtrot): Foot persuit
10-60: Vehicle description (Blue Cheetah)
10-61: Suspect description (IC 2 male, blue clothes)
10-70: Backup / assistance required
10-70e(cho): Emergency backup required
10-70t(ango): SWAT required on scene immediately
10-71: Ambulance required
10-95: Routine Traffic Stop
10-98: No further assistance required
10-99: Situation concluded (Finished what you were doing)

- Radio is used to communicate with other senators, every rank is allowed to use it.
- Department radio is used to communicate with other factions. Only R2+ are allowed to use it. Lower ranks than R2 can use it only in emergency or if they are the lowest rank in town (emergency in this case too).
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[Required Reading] Senate HandBook
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